Yas Navid

Yas Navid Lotion Anti-Lice And Nit Aroduct

۱ / This product is the first anti-Lice and Nit product that is 100% natural and is formulated with completely natural materials and no chemical preservatives have been used in its composition
۲ / there are more than 14 types of plants and natural substances with a special composition have been used in this product, which are very useful in the complete destruction of lice and Nit. So, do not be worry about getting rid of this insect and lice eggs completely as Nit become completely empty and die and lice babies are never born from them.  Then, they fall out due to washing after two or three months and there is no need to use comb to separate the envy from the hair
۳ / Since the ingredients of this product are completely natural and herbal, if it is accidentally eaten or enters the eyes or ears and nose, only a person suffers a little irritation and it can be removed by washing and drinking a little water in a short time.
۴/ This product is prepared for the definitive treatment of lice and complete destruction of nit and does not cause any damage to the scalp or hair.
۵ / It can be used for all people in all age groups as this product is made of completely natural and herbal ingredients.
۶/ How to use: The person with lice and all the family members of the infected person should use the method as follow to completely eradicate lice from their home:
۷/ First, all the hair and even the whole scalp should be soaked in the product ( the person’s clothes should be covered before using this  to not be contaminated) and then the head and hair should be covered with a plastic hat laid in the box. After one hour, wash your head with any detergent you have used before, using this solution causes hair tightening, which is the most important factor for the destruction of nit and is one of the great properties of this product. At the end of the wash, you can use a hair softener or an oil that is placed in a box as a gift after bathing and drying your hair, which plays an important role in removing lice and makes the hair soft.
۸-On the first day of using the product, please clean all of clothes and equipment that has been in contact with the infected person since one week before as follows:
All the clothes of an infected person in the family (including headscarves, hair clips, clips, bedspreads, shirts, pillowcases, curtains and ………. ) should be boiled in water for 10 minutes or put in a sealed garbage bag for 20 days so that oxygen does not reach it to completely destroyed the lice and nit (putting clothes under the sunlight and also washing them with normal detergents has no role in destroying lice and nit, and must be done in the mentioned method )
۹-Signs of improvement: In the first 20 minutes of using this product, the itching of the scalp ends due to the further destruction of lice. Moreover, nit (lice egg) which has a very strong connection with the end of the hair and it does not separate in any way,  becomes loose (which is a sign of complete destruction of nit) and easily separates with nails after three consecutive days of using this product. After two to three months, all the nit are empty and are not fertile. Therefore, the use of this solution for only three consecutive days is enough to get rid of lice and nit, and there is no need to repeat this use.
۱۰- Side effects: no side effects have been observed until now.
۱۱ / This product has antiseptic properties and heals wounds caused by itchy scalp due to lice bites and excretion of lice waste under the scalp (slightly irritation due to the wounds caused by itching can be relieved by washing)
۱۲ / Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.
۱۳ / If a person is in the source of infection again and in contact with an environment that is infected with lice, he/she becomes infected again with lice, so it is better to identify the source of infection and take the necessary measures to destroy it, or cover hair thoroughly to avoid contact with the source of infection before entering contaminated places.
۱۴ / Before use, be sure to shake the solution container and do not mix the contents of the container with water or any other substance.